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About us

GLANCE Optical was founded in 2015 by Professor Algis Vingrys and Dr George Kong.

Algis has extensive experience in vision testing and has acted as a consultant for several companies (Medmont International, Matrix) in perimeter design and vision test development.

George is an ophthalmologist registered with Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists with glaucoma subspecialty interest and extensive knowledge in software development for mobile platforms. He produced(George Kong softwares) the prototype visual field application in 2011 called Visual Fields Easy that allows visual field screening of patients using the Apple iPad (generation 2/3/4/Air/Air2). This application has been trialed in Nepal and found to provide reliable estimates of visual field defects when compared to the Humphrey 24-2 Sita-Standard program. See News for details.

The early versions of iPad (generation 1) had limitations that prevented them from being used as a perimeter in the threshold mode. This is not the case for the later iPad versions (generation 3/4 and later) and the MRF software was written to exploit this potential.

We anticipate that the MRF can be used after some training of the patient by a clinical assistant in situations where it is difficult for patients to access the standard test equipment:

We are always interested in improving our software and finding new applications, so please get in touch with us and let us know your experience or thoughts on how to improve the product.

Please contact us if you would like to use MRF in your clinical practise or research.

Please send your email to: Dr George Kong (georgekong@glance-optical.com) or Prof Algis Vingrys (algis@glance-optical.com)

GLANCE Optical Pty Ltd. ACN: 610200783 ABN: 27 610 200 783